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System Overview

  • AI surveillance tool
  • Crowd surveillance
  • Rule-based event detection
  • People attribution recognition
  • Identification and human behavior recognition
  • Machine learning algorithm
  • Video surveillance search engine

Crowd Surveillance

  • People counting
  • Line counting – crossing a specific point
  • Pass counting – entering/leaving a specific point
  • 88% accuracy
  • 95% accuracy after re-configuration

Rules-Based Detection

  • Person intrusion
  • Person tailgating
  • Loitering
  • Crowd alert
  • Reverse movement
  • Abandoned item

People Attribution Identification

  • Gender (male/female)
  • Long/short hair
  • Wearing/not wearing glasses
  • Wearing/not wearing hat
  • Wearing/not wearing t-shirt
  • Wearing long/short sleeves
  • Wearing/not wearing jeans
  • Wearing/not wearing shorts
  • Wearing long/short pants
  • Wearing clothes with pattern/without pattern
  • Other customized attributes (optional)
  • Maximum accuracy over 90%

Human Behavior Recognition

  • Person falling
  • Waving
  • Banging head
  • Kicking towards wall/door
  • Fighting
  • Other customizable actions

Video Search Engine

  • Natural language
  • Real-time video search engine
  • Algorithmic deep learning tools
  • Every nanosecond of video searchable
  • Recognizes objects, colors, people, vehicles, animals and more

Technical Features

  • Support video input from IP camera, USB camera, and video file.
  • Support scheduling of analysis
  • Automatic detection and alert of camera tampering and video quality deterioration
  • Supports real-time mosaic insertion over person for privacy protection
  • Capable of operating in adverse environments such as low light, rain, snow and clouds

System Applications

  • Crowd monitoring at events
  • Security surveillance at premise for automatic intrusion detection and alarm
  • Queue monitoring
  • Crowd flow monitoring at transport terminals (airport, bus-stop, metro station)
  • Abnormality detection and alarm in public space, such as loitering, abandoned item, fighting, crowd gathering

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